Layering Necklace Tips!

 You are here because you either

  1. Love crystals
  2. Love jewellery
  3. Both of the above

And we know that the most popular answer will likely be C.

We love necklaces- especially when they are all imbued with energy and created intentionally to deliver specific meanings.

We experience different emotions and feelings daily; and may feel aligned to wear more than just a piece of magic at once.

This is why we love our By Eileen necklaces- because they are all designed to allow you to layer.

All our necklaces come in either the option to select your own length- because we acknowledge that everyone has different styles-; or with options of extenders for more versatility.


 Layering Necklace

 Necklace: Rise Imperial TopazPersonalised Hand stamped Crystal Necklace
Ear Studs: Rise Amethyst ear studs, Rise Rose Quartz ear studs
Rings: Raw Pink Tourmaline, Rise Moonstone Ring


There are no strict rules on how you can layer but we generally group them into the following lengths: 

Short: 36- 40cm
Medium- 45-50cm
Long- 55-60cm
Extra Long- 65cm



Here’s our recommendations combining the necklaces across our collections:


Our Rise collection necklaces celebrates simplicity and elegance in dainty pieces. Our Rise Imperial Topaz comes in 36cm chain (with extender) and our Rise Rose Quartz come in 40cm (with extender)- perfectly created as a short necklace and first layer.


Imperial Topaz Necklace
Rose Quartz Necklace




Raw Magic and Handstamp collection allow the flexibility to pick your length and add extender. At around 45-50cm, the pendant generally sits around the chest area- this is where the centre of attention is- which is also what we like to call the highlight piece.

Raw Crystal Necklace
Handstamp Crystal Necklace 


This is usually the statement piece. Generally, we recommend the biggest/ longest and boldest piece to be the bottom layer. Long necklaces also usually bring out a bohemian style look. Many of the pieces in our The Crystal Project wire wrapped collection are created for this style. Alternatively, you can wear any of the Rise necklaces at their longest length.


Raw Citrine Necklace
Wire Wrapped Smoky Quartz



As always, jewellery are more than just beautiful adornments- but a representation of who you are; and more importantly allow you to wear your own magic!

Share with us how you layer your necklaces!

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