Chapter 5: The Light


A Coded Message To You- The Number “7”

//For Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz beaded necklace and bracelet.


"7" is very often known to be associated to Spirituality as it holds characteristics of inner wisdom, intuition, and self- conscience. It represents a sign that you are on your way to spiritual awakening. It is a message that you can put your faith in your guardian angels and in your own abilities; and look into your own wisdom as they will guide you to make the right decisions.


This range is coded 7 throughout to remind you that you are on the right path. There will be an additional unique message coded in every individual piece representing a secondary meaning- which you can decode using this simple and easy to understand article I found.


Good things are coming for you; and you are about discover the purpose of your life.


A Coded Message To You- The Number “9”

//For Mixed Tourmaline beaded necklace and bracelet


Angel Number 9 is all about purpose and life mission. Nine is the highest number representing the highest vibrational number. A sign from the angels, “9” suggests that it may be time to for you to focus on the bigger purpose in your life- look deep into your soul and let your angels guide you.


This range is coded 9 throughout signifying endings and beginnings. There will be an additional unique message coded in every individual piece representing a secondary meaning- which you can decode and discover here.


Trust what lies ahead for you- your new chapter is about to begin.


The Story & Inspiration 

By Eileen The Light

Life journey is never one straight line. There are peaks and valleys and sometimes you may not see the light at the bottom of the mountain.


From chasing the corporate race all my life without clearly knowing the end goal; to recently spending thousands on vet bills in denial that this would bring a healthy truffles back- it all lies in the inner beliefs that there will be good out of every obstacle.


With positivity and faith, every step of my life I chose to believe that there is the light and that everything in life happens and exist for a reason. I am thankful for the Universe to always guide me through subtle messages- like angel numbers and events that had significant.


Just like the journey to creating Dawn collection- I never knew what the outcome will be; how long it will take; or how tough it would be, but there was this burning fire in me that I know the collection will eventually come to life.


The Light range was created when it was all waiting game for my partner artisans to lovingly handcraft all my designs around August/ September 2021. I knew it was all coming to live but at the same time my intuition told me I needed something more to complete this collection- and I still had so much creative ideas to bring to live.


Created at the point where I could see the light again- The Light was initially created for layering purposes but evolved into so much more during the designing and creating process.


As Dawn collection starts to take shape, at this point, I started seeing the light. With positivity and faith, I could visualise how this collection will take shape in reality. This is where Light was burned. It was initially created for layering purpose but developed into so much more during the designing and creating process. 


A divine message was downloaded in my dreams while creating Light range. The number “7” has kept coming into my life hence guiding me to create Light (Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz).


After creating coded 7 Light in Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, I thought Mixed Tourmaline will work in naturally with this code. However, somewhere deep down it just didn’t feel right. A variety of numbers have been trialled before I decided to code this Mixed Tourmaline design in “9”. Perhaps guided by the passings of my baby Truffles, I accepted that the end of her journey also signifies the end of her pain and the beginning of her rainbow bridge journey.


The Detail

Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz: Coded 7 + unique number
Mixed Tourmaline: Coded 9 + unique number

Hand weaved to order by myself in my Adelaide studio. It is created with the purpose to transfer messages to you based on the guidance I receive. Each piece has a primary divine message that I downloaded in my dreams during the process of creating this range. The second message will pick you- each code varies and holds a message depending on the recipient.


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