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Inspired by true life's journey, Dawn celebrates all phases of life with symbols and gemstones

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Australian- designed spiritual jewellery

Fine jewellery that elevates your energy, enhances your look and makes every day feel magical

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Feel the magic and shine brighter inside and out

Whether you’re a boho-loving babe, a crystal enthusiast or a woman looking for a little more meaning in your life, let your inner light shine with our gorgeous range of Australian-designed spiritual jewellery and accessories. From boho jewellery to intention pieces, our exquisite range empowers you to embrace your own unique magic and live with pure intentions.

Live Your Magic here

Embrace all phases of life

with our Dawn collection. Inspired by true life's journey- each piece is filled with deep meaning and imbued with love and intention

Dawn Collection

Adorn yourself in meaningful jewellery

dainty but powerful, feel the magic of timeless jewellery from our Rise Collection

Rise collection

Create a piece of Uniquely Yours Magic

with our personalised handstamp crystal necklaces imbued with deep meaning, intentions and positive energy, to enlighten, enrich and energise your life.

Handstamp crystal necklace

Cleanse your jewellery and add a little magic to your home

with our range of crystals and stones, bohemian inspired gifts and spiritual accessories.


Harness the power of raw crystal energy

and celebrate the beauty in imperfection with our one of a kind handcrafted raw crystals on 14K gold and rose gold filled and 925 sterling silver precious metals.

Raw Magic

More than beautiful jewellery

Hi, I’m Eileen and our purpose is to bring more kindness and positive energy to the world by creating meaningful jewellery with pure intentions. We want both you and the world to shine brighter thanks to the magic of our gorgeous pieces. Imbued with positive energy, live your best life whilst owning your look by wearing jewellery with true meaning.

Meaningful jewellery to transform your life

Our pieces are more than just beautiful adornments - they are so much more than that! When you make a purchase, you’re not only investing in your own happiness, contentment, peace and fulfilment, you’re also doing good by giving back.


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