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BARE embraces the beauty of imperfection and celebrates all good things from mother earth. This collection will rare and unique crystals and stones, AAA grade fresh water pearls and organic shaped natural sea glass.

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A celebration of colours, boldness and individuality- BOLD collection is inspired by the vivid colours of life. It is a collection of colours and rainbows designed to remind you to embrace your own individuality. In BOLD we celebrate colours; diversity; and YOU!

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Are you looking for a unique gift or wanting to find a deeper connection to your month of birth? 

Birthstones have been central to cultures around the world since ancient times, first associated with the zodiac and later with months of the year. Today, it’s easy to celebrate the glory of life with a gorgeous piece infused with the innate power of your individual birthstone, delivering meaning and beauty whenever you wear it. 

From the rich red of January’s garnet to the soothing blues of December’s turquoise, each birthstone is precious in its own right, guiding you towards your true purpose. With your birthstone arranged in a gorgeous setting to further harness its power, you’ll find yourself ready to take on the world and supported in everything you do.

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Are you looking for guidance in a specific area of your life, such as love, prosperity and security? 

Be guided by the properties that speak to you by searching for jewellery and accessories by vibe. Whether you’re searching for abundance, love, protection or relief from stress and anxiety, it’s easy to choose a piece with meaning and pure intention. Different vibes can lift your mood, bring peace to your soul, aid in mediation, reduce stress and increase creativity. 

Using vibes during the day can help ground you, even during the most stressful of moments. Vibes containing positive energy can guide you through each day, imbuing you with light, love and healing. They can also relieve negative energy and help you better manage stress and anxiety. Whatever your need, we have vibes to help you get more from each day.

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DAWN is a collection inspired by our founder's spiritual roots, life learnings and stories, and my recent journey navigating through a world of surrealism. She is filled with deepest meanings etched in ancient symbols and ingrained in intentionally selected stones.

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Simple yet elegant. Dainty yet bold.

Our Divine collection is consciously crafted with AAA Grade gemstones and set in 925 Sterling Silver. It is collection designed to be affordable, versatile and durable. Whether is it for everyday wear or for a special date night out, this collection is sure to impress and bring you all the magic.


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From classic stud earrings to statement hoops, we have the perfect pair to match your outfit and vibe. Explore By Eileen's range of ethically crafted collection of earrings.


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Are you wondering how to cleanse, maintain and store your spiritual jewellery to get the full benefit? 

Ensure you’re getting the most from your spiritual jewellery by choosing the right accessories to cleanse, maintain and store. Using other crystals to cleanse and hold your precious jewellery is an easy way to maintain positive energy and protect them from accidental damage, or worse, getting misplaced or lost. 

Enhance your good vibes with our range of candles, incense, sage cones and smudge sticks designed to clear negative energy, improve sleep and increase your wellbeing and focus. In addition to lifting your mood, our spiritual accessories also look amazing and go a long way to injecting interest, texture and beauty into your home (bonus!).

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Are you searching for jewellery that not only looks stunning but also brings balance and focus? 

Our selection of fine jewellery will elevate your energy, help you shine brighter and make every day magical. From striking necklaces to stunning bracelets and delicate earrings, our pieces will not only finish off your look but will also provide positive energy and pure intentions. You have to agree, meaningful jewellery has never looked so good! 

Our small-batch and consciously made jewellery will elevate your mood and help you reconnect with your inner self. Each item is cleansed and infused with intentions to ensure your chosen piece is full of meaning and positive energy when it arrives. Feel calm, supported and loved every time you wear one of our beautifully crafted jewellery pieces.

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Layering Jewellery

Level up your layering game with our handmade Layering Jewels. 

Each piece is handmade to order with high quality gemstones and your choice of sterling silver or gold-filled chains

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Are you a gold addict, a lover of silver or a rose gold aficionado?

Choose from our range of high-quality metals to accentuate the positive energy of your intention jewellery. Whether you prefer the warmth of gold, the clean lines of silver or the pink tones of rose gold, our metal chains and jewellery pieces are the perfect way to take the power of precious gemstones and crystals with you, as you go about your busy day. 

All our chains are made from high-quality metals, with their simple design ensuring they don’t overpower your stone or diminish its energy. Select from sterling silver, silver, gold, rose gold plated sterling silver, gold and rose gold vermeil or gold and rose gold filled pieces. Discover the metal that speaks to you and makes your heart sing.

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From dainty choker to matinee and opera style necklace, explore our range of consciously crafted spiritual jewellery. Crafted from high-quality metals like 925 sterling silver, gold filled and gold vermeil to accentuate the energy of your chosen stone.

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Explore By Eileen's newest arrivals. Made from high quality metals, our jewellery are created with love and intention- to elevate your energy, enhance your look and make every day feel magical.

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One-of-a-kind Jewellery

There is nothing more special than finding yourself or a loved one something unique and personalised.

Working collaboratively with you, we will bring your vision, your personality, your vibe to life. From sourcing your perfect gemstones, opals and more, to creating the perfect setting for you, we will make your dream come through and set you apart from the rest!

Custom orders timing can vary anywhere from 2 to 14weeks depending on the complexity and time of the year.

This section shows stones that are currently available and a finished example of how it can be set.

Can't find what you want?

Do not hesitate to contact me here or via Instagram

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Raw Crystal Jewellery

Our Raw Crystal Collection celebrates the beauty in imperfection. 

From raw moonstone ring, to the rare and uncommon elestial window quartz, we hand make each piece of nature's beauty and finish them off with gold filled, rose gold filled or 925 sterling silver. This collection is the true showcase of the beauty and raw energy of each gemstone.

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Explore By Eileen's stunning range of gemstone rings, crafted in sterling silver and gold vermeil. From raw crystal jewellery to statement gemstone ring, we have the perfect piece to help you shine brighter and make your everyday magical. Use our guide to find the perfect ring size for you.


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Are you searching for meaningful symbols to guide you on the right path and release your true potential? 

Symbols are incredibly powerful, so it’s important to choose the right one for you to ensure you receive positive energy and enlightenment. From earth to sky, we have symbols that represent every element of our amazing universe, from the wonder of the moon and stars to the evil eye to protect against bad energy. Every symbol has a specific meaning and purpose. 

We’ve woven these symbols into our range of spiritual and meaningful jewellery to help you harness their power. Channel the divine energy of the moon and celebrate femininity and new beginnings. Welcome harmony and unity with a stunning sun and moon pendant. Feed your soul with symbols that reflect not only who you are but also who you strive to be.

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Get crafty and join us in our next available workshop across South Australia locations. From wire wrapped crystal jewellery to pearls and beaded jewellery, we invite you to join us in our fun and interactive guided workshops.

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