By Eileen | Dawn Collection


Dawn signifies illumination and hope, the beginning of a new day and a chance for happiness.


Coming from a spiritual family where I am raised in a household of rituals and crystals. I was brought up with beliefs that there is something bigger than ourselves. My mum instilled in me to always lead with kindness- to trust my intuition and path and embrace the unknown… like a pandemic.


The pandemic has significantly impacted me and my household. My partner lost his job and shortly after, I lost my corporate job- at a point where we just bought a house. It was also at the same time I found out that my best friend Truffles has liver disease.


"The world felt like it was crashing down on me, and I wanted to give up on the business."


Instead, I trusted my intuition, planned a rebrand- which meant taking a flourishing The Crystal Project back to ground zero to start By Eileen.


The start of Dawn began in November 2020- where every day is filled with the unfamiliar and to live another day felt like a gift.


I wasn’t sure how long this collection would take; if we would see the light out of the pandemic; if I would survive all the hurdles just to pursue this dream; or if pouring my entire savings made any sense. Reminded by the teachings and the beliefs that there is light amongst the darkness, I preserved. Inspired by your stories, I believed.


There is light.


This is the light.


This is Dawn- embracing the unknown and tapping into my spiritual roots.


A collection filled with deepest meanings etched in symbols and ingrained in intentionally selected stones.


For every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn.


Welcome to Dawn! Thank you for coming on this journey with me.


With Love and Light,

Eileen xx


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