Super Full Flower Blood Moon in Sagittarius

By Eileen

May 26th 2021 9:13pm AEST

Understanding moon cycles, their meanings, how they can impact us and what we should do can be a little daunting-  especially with all the terminologies. As we brace up for the Super Full Moon tonight, Ness from Reading by Ness breaks down all you need to know about this Full Moon:


  • Super Moon: Amplifies the spiritual effects of a regular Full Moon
  • Full Moon: A time to reflect on what needs to be surrendered in order to move forward
  • Flower Moon: Signifies fertility, healing and abundance. A time for personal growth
  • Blood Moon: An almost perfect alignment between Sun, Earth and Moon
  • Total Lunar Eclipse: Guides us to move past negative patterns within the shadow self.


So you're wondering what Rituals should you practice in this full moon...

A full moon represents endings, meaning it’s time to focus on releasing and letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in our lives.

Being the first lunar eclipse of the year, this upcoming full moon is also a time for revelations and epiphanies, especially in regards to our belief systems, sense of freedom and desires to expand.

This Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius pushes us to explore new heights in our individual journey towards personal freedom. Managing the energy of this eclipse lies in our ability to face our beliefs with curiosity and compassion.

All signs should spend some time in reflection and contemplation during this full moon. Journaling and meditation will help you find greater clarity in what you need to release in order to raise your vibrations and align with what you’re wanting to manifest.

As Sagittarius is a fire sign, incorporate fire into any releasing rituals: whether it be through burning incense, palo santo or sage, or lighting a candle in your space.

✨ Clear your physical space my organising, cleaning and throwing away what you no longer need.

✨ Charge your spiritual tools, including crystals and oracle cards, under the moonlight if you feel as though you are emotionally and spiritually aligned. While the lunar eclipse can bring unpredictable energy, those who are more spiritually stable can still use this energy to charge. If you do not feel sure of whether or not you should be charging under the moonlight, cleanse your crystals instead with sage/palo santo with the intention of releasing the built up energy within them.

✨ Put out your bottles of water to absorb the energy of the full moon and be sure to drink it or use it around your home.

✨ This is a time to release anything that no longer serves you, so that you can align yourself with your highest good. By surrendering, we form deeper connections with our soul.


To sum things up...



Burning Rituals


The most important part of this whole process is to be aware of your release and your intentions. This is such an important part of being able to move forward in alignment to create the abundance you deserve.

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Thanks for all the tips Eileen! Perfect summary of all the terminology, especially for beginners learning how to live guided by the phases of the moon like myself 🔮

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