Chapter 1: The Beginnings


“You Are Magic” is a prompt to you that no matter what the situation is or how hard it may be, trust the universe that there will be the light. Look beyond what your eyes see, and feel inwards for the magic is in you, my dear.


Feel the fire and strength from the vibrations of Garnet who will guide you through a world where we are as one. We have freedom to choose what our passions are and that we have the power to rise to new beginnings with grace and kindness.


For the universe has spoken, we are one and together we will walk through the darkness into a new dawn.


For peace and equality, we have the freedom to rise with grace and kindness


The Story & Inspiration 


By Eileen You Are Magic

I grew up in a close- knit family and moved to Australia alone in 2009. In the last decade before travel restrictions were in place due to Covid- 19, mum will visit me up to 3 times a year and I will return home to my family once a year. The last time I saw my family was 26th January 2020- when I launched The Crystal Project during my visit back home- also the first time we get to hear about “the virus” in the news. This has been the longest period since I last saw my family.


I’ve always wanted to create something that is inspired by home, and this is where “You Are Magic” the first design in this collection was born. Coming from a spiritual family, I grew up trusting the universe, my intuition and that there are things beyond myself. Something not the naked eyes can see; something unexplainable that can be felt in your heart.


Something magical.


Every element of “You Are Magic” signifies meaning and feeling I was going through while designing this piece…


The Detail

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s (where I was born) flag and my beliefs in magic, each element of “You Are Magic” is inspired by hope and my wish for the world:

  • Waxing Crescent: Growth and new beginnings 
  • Red: Universal sisterhood 
  • White: Purity 
  • Stars: Integrity, Progression, Peace, Fairness, Equality, Integrity
  • Affirmation engraved: You Are Magic


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