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By Eileen began as a way to help others discover the power and magic of crystals and spiritual jewellery. So, giving back and creating positive change is a core part of our DNA. It’s in everything we do, from the pieces we infuse with intentions and positive energy through to our goal to empower all women to be the best they can be.

We come into the world with nothing, yet we receive so much from Earth and the Universe. It’s only right that we do our part by giving back to the community that embraces us, in every way that we can. We believe in karma and kindness and know first-hand that the more you give, the more you receive. That truth drives us in everything we do.


Our Values


We believe in karma and kindness. The more you give & put out in the world, the more you receive.


Our jewellery is consciously made with ethically sourced materials and minimal waste.


Each piece is lovingly created and infused with positive energy, love and pure intentions.


We believe in supporting women and the protection of their basic rights and freedom.

How we’re giving back

  • We make a $1 donation to a charity of choice every month.

  • We ethically source our crystals, stones and gems to ensure we don’t contribute to exploitation or environmental vandalism.

  • We only partner with manufacturers that practice fair trade and look after their employees.

  • Our jewellery is small-batch and consciously made to minimise waste.

  • We infuse each piece with pure intentions and positive energy to empower the wearer and improve their wellbeing.

  • We share our lived experience and knowledge of the innate power of spiritual jewellery to give everyone the chance to live their best life.

  • We live holistically and share the benefits of eating well, living with intention and feeding our soul to help others improve their wellbeing too.

It’s early days, but we’re doing everything we can to give back and create positive change in every part of life. As a woman-led business, we’re especially committed to empowering and supporting women. Our ultimate goal is to one day open up a women-only factory in a disadvantaged location to give women a second chance back into the workforce.


How you can give back too

It doesn’t matter how small you feel or how insignificant your contribution (no contribution is ever insignificant!). Deciding to consciously give back to the world will spread kindness and good karma wherever you go. You can start by making more conscious purchasing decisions to ensure that your contribution is doing good. 

For instance, every time you purchase something from us adds to our efforts to give back. By choosing a small, ethical, positive and female-founded business, you’re doing good (AND you get a gorgeous, meaningful and powerful piece of jewellery too!)


boho jewellery, By Eileen, spiritual jewellery, jewellery with intention, intention jewellery, spiritual accessories



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