Chapter 2: From everything to nothing


By Eileen Evil EyeAs a universal symbol of protection and luck, "I AM PROTECTED" will ward of envy and negative energies. She is here as your shield and support while you are on your quest to the end of the tunnel.


Awaken your psychic ability and let the magic of Blue Topaz pave the way and remind you that you are in control of your life. There is serenity and light as the sun rises again tomorrow.


Red evil eye will bring you courage as you embark on this journey; while Grey evil eye will encourage you to stay open to what your future lies ahead.


The Story & Inspiration 

By Eileen- I Am Protected Evil Eye

From everything to nothing.


2020 was an extremely dark year for me. I was then in a corporate world where on the outside its all sparkly and filled with benefits but deep inside, it was a dark world of inequality, discriminations, bullying and a race of who was better in playing the game of politics. I would never in my live thought the world I so badly wanted to excel in was in reality a world that was filled with dark secrets and one that made me feel so little.


The workplace I was in gave me a good 10 months of anxieties and a whole load of overworking and living in fear before I lost my job in October. Perhaps the Universe had answered my prayers and in a way tell me that enough is enough. I decided to take the leap and run my business full time. It was also around the same time when my partner lost his job. I guess when it rains, it pours- we also just bought a house. To make things more challenging, I was devastated to receive the news that my first baby Truffles has liver disease. 


From having everything one day, to nothing the next.


I experienced first-hand- the impact of this deadly virus. For a while I was asking "why me?" then it slowly turned into thinking positivity and keeping my aura positive and taking each day as it came.


During this designing process, I was searching for inspiration that will revolve around "deflecting negativity". Evil Eye as an ancient symbol of protection kept circling back into my creative thoughts. It is designed with the concept of reflecting the negative energies that are casted upon you. It is created in hope to protect the wearer in his quest to the light. 


I embraced all the events and kept going on...


The Detail

Putting together the thoughts I have into a design:

  • Leaf: Hope
  • Eye: Protection
  • Blue: Peace
  • Red: Courage (in rings)
  • Grey: Openness (in rings)
  • Light Rays: Positivity
  • Affirmation engraved: I Am Protected (necklace only)


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