Chapter 4: Gone too soon


By Eileen Purity Inspiration


A reminder that just like the Lotus Flower, we will rise from the mud and bloom into the light. Adorn yourself in Purity as the morning stars guide you to new beginnings and the light.


Rose Quartz will bring you harmony and remind you that you are important and never forget to love yourself as much as you love the world. White topaz will bring you clarity and bring out your individuality as manifest your dream live.



The Story & Inspiration 

By Eileen Gold Vermeil Purity Ring

"Purity" was a conceptual idea that I had about 3 years ago. Even before I started my business, I would carry a sketch book around and draw whatever that inspires me- not knowing one day I would have the opportunity to bring them into wearable pieces.


Just like Enlightened the symbolic meaning of lotus flower played a big role in my life together with many other symbols. Four point star- resembling a compass in the celestial world signifies guidance and on the right path to life. As a morning star, it also symbolises a new dawn and new beginning bring peace and harmony. 


While "Purity" is inspired by symbols that has significance to me, I would like to dedicate this design to baby truffles who passed on 22.09.21 in my arms. Purity together with "You Are Magic" were one of my first designs in this collection- and also the first samples that I received earlier on in May 2021. 


Truffles had been with me every step of my life since I came to Australia alone. We have gone through all the good and bad; from moving 4 houses in a year to me having to work long hours to support us both; to taking her on multiple road and camping trips when my life was at peak. She was so pure and was my world (still is) and we would share all the moments together.


I remember vividly when the first samples arrived, my room was in a mess as I was in the middle of packing orders. I carefully opened the parcel and Truffles- just like the usual her would be so inquisitive to watch me open something that looked like a treat for her. We shared the first moments of joys of this collection. 


She was so pure, innocent and the most loyal companion I could ever asked for- and this design as the most delicate and dainty piece of this collection is dedicated to her.

*While this is Chapter 4 of Dawn, I wrote this story last as it took me a long time to reflect the life of my beautiful girl*


The Detail


  • Lotus: Purity, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Transformation, Resilience
  • Four Point Star: Guidance, Harmony, New Beginnings
  • Rose Quartz: Self Love
  • White Topaz: Individuality, Clarity, Manifestation


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