Chapter 7: New Beginnings


“Just like the moon, we go through phases”.

Embrace every chapter of your life with our New Beginnings moonstone pendant. Let the delicately hand carved moon phases will remind you that every step of life is a journey and light awaits for you.

Feel the magic of moonstone- the stone of new beginnings- as she channel the white illumination of moonbeams to shine upon your pathway. She will raise your vibrations and uplift your spirit and guide you through all phases.



The Story & Inspiration 

By Eileen New Beginnings Moonstone Moon Sterling Silver


With every sunset promises a new dawn. This intricate design has been in my head for years. The feminine symbol Moon has been something that I have always been drawn to and I wanted to showcase the significance of this it in a design that can easily be related to. 


On the surface, this is a straight forward design that encapsulates all the phases of moon representing all phases of life. However, the detail of it in the border of the face of the pendant signifies each day of the lunar calendar. It serves as a reminder that everyday serves a purpose to the bigger picture.


The final chapter of this collection is bitter sweet. I wasn't sure if this complex design can be handmade to life. Similarly, just like life, sometimes we never really know if some thing would work out. I never knew if my life in Australia will work out; or if this collection will work out; or if all the vet support can prolong Truffles life. I am however driven by the love to take the leap and keep going. 


Everyday is a learning lesson; every phase serves a purpose. 


The Detail 

  • Border: Lunar phase representing each passing day of a lunar month
  • Moonstone: New beginnings, transformation 
  • Moon phases (face of pendant): A reminder that we all go through the inevitable phases of life.
  • Design also comes in ring- with and without moonstone.


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