Chapter 6: Have Faith


Faith is an extension of our Light range. 

Hand weaved to order by myself in my Adelaide studio. It is created with the purpose to transfer messages to you based on the guidance I receive. Each piece has a primary divine message that I downloaded in my dreams during the process of creating this range. 


The Number “3”

"3" represents positivity and optimism and signifies good omen. A period of abundance is flowing to you. 3 reminds you to be confident in pursuing what lies ahead of you- to trust your intuition and your capabilities; and stay on your path.


Be strong my angel, for luck is on your side.


The Number “5” 

A symbolic number signifying positive opportunities and significant changes are coming. Like a butterfly, the transformation will be distinct. A divine metamorphosis of past experiences merging to create something new and different


What are coming may be the opportunity of your lifetime so keep your mind focused on the positive aspects of these changes for everything will turn out in your favour.


The Number “7” 

“7” is very often known to be associated to Spirituality as it holds characteristics of inner wisdom, intuition, and self- conscience. It represents a sign that you are on your way to spiritual awakening. It is a message that you can put your faith in your guardian angels and in your own abilities; and look into your own wisdom as they will guide you to make the right decisions.


This range is coded 7 throughout to remind you that you are on the right path.


Good things are coming for you, my angel; and you are about discover the purpose of your life.


The Number “9”

Number 9 is all about purpose and life mission. Nine is the highest number representing the highest vibrational number. A sign from the angels, “9” suggests that it may be time to for you to focus on the bigger purpose in your life- look deep into your soul and let your angels guide you.


This range is coded 9 throughout signifying endings and beginnings. There will be an additional unique message coded in every individual piece representing a secondary meaning- which you can decode and discover here.


Trust what lies ahead for you- your new chapter is about to begin.



The Story & Inspiration 

By Eileen Faith Choker Necklace


How many times in life have you trusted your intuition even though when nothing make sense at the very moment? This is me.

A collection was about to born at this point and it was all about adding the final touches to make them complete.

Faith is an extension of our Light Range but designed to make layering easier with our 2- in- 1 chains. There are many variation of codes in Faith as I aim to create freely. This range in named Faith because of my belief, courage and trusting my intuition and the universe, that the light is shining brighter and the outlook of not only life but also Dawn collection is not vivid and real.


The Detail

Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz Necklace: Coded 7+ 5

Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz Bracelet: Coded 7+ 3

Pink & Mixed Tourmaline Necklace: Coded 9 + 5

Pink Tourmaline Bracelet: Coded 9 + 3



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